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A Neapolitana Birthday Feast…

***FIRST UP, the GREAT BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY is about half over… with about 3 days left to go! If you did not enter, I highly encourage you to do so TODAY. Here is a direct link to the CONTEST.

P.S. If you don’t feel comfortable liking my page or following me on Twitter (or perhaps you have already done so — thank YOU!), just enter your email and you can still be added! This contest is for old and new fans and you only need to be local to win the first two prizes. Yes, it’s THAT easy!

Secondly, many thanks to ALL OF YOU who wished me a Happy Birthday via FacebookTwitter, email, cards, etc. these last few days! Your presence both online and in person is a true blessing and I’m so fortunate to have you all in my life… in whatever capacity that might be.

Anyway, here is a quick recap of my birthday dinner. My work friends and I met in Arlington to indulge in the goodness of PUPATELLA, the famous Neapolitana pizzeria opened by Chef Enzo Algarme of Naples (Napoli), Italy. Enzo trained at the famous Pizzeria dal Presidente in Naples and also operated a food cart in the Ballston area of Arlington before opening his restaurant. The food cart has its ups and downs (hey, they were using a propane tank to make their pizzas!) but the ristorante is indeed “tre metri sopra il cielo” (three meters above the heavens). In simple terms, it was simply divine.

Everyone knows that I am an Italian food snob, ever since studying and living in Italy for a combination of 8 months in the last decade. In recent years, I have seen an influx of brick oven pizzerias set up shop in the DC Area. Most of them are decent, but the pizza margherita and arancini at Pupatella definitely took me back to the south of Italy, where I visited as a student back in 2004. Everything was so fresh and made with only quality ingredients. I also had my share of those two delicacies during my most recent trip to Italy this past summer… and well… carb overload, anyone? Best of all, the atmosphere was relaxed and the waitstaff friendly, helpful and accommodating.

Yes, we ordered a lot of food (appetizers, bruschetta, olives, two kinds of pizza), shared a bottle of Neapolitan wine and were stuffed to the brim. I also got a complimentary (large) serving of gelato (courtesy of Dolci Gelati, another great Italia-in-America find) to celebrate the day I turned ____ years old! It was a meal to remember and I’m so glad to have shared it with some of my biggest cheerleaders in life.

The next time you are in Arlington (Ballston Area), stop by and give PUPATELLA a try! For fresh pizza made with only quality ingredients at affordable prices, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for making my birthday celebration so special! Ci vediamo presto (spero!).


5104 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22203

TEL: (571) 312-7230





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