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Happy Ferragosto!

Buon Ferragosto! Every year, August 15th marks the official end of hard labor and the official start of the month-long August holidays (though many Italians flee the cities for the beach, mountains and other places well before the middle of August). It is also the day where the Catholic Church commemorates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, paganized by the Romans in 18 B.C. as a holiday to honor the goddess of fertility, Diana. Expect a ghost town in most Italian cities from now until the end of the month… and everyone on an exodus to enjoy life (the way it was meant to be enjoyed) in the most gorgeous vacation spots!

To read more about Ferragosto, click here. And enjoy this very Italian travel photo, taken at the edge of the harbor in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy during my short visit there last month!

P.S. The GREAT BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY has concluded and the winners have been automatically generated! Check back by the end of the day tomorrow to see if you won a prize in this contest!


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