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Sun-baked Tuscan meets Country American… with a Vintage Flair!

This will be a picture heavy post, and rightfully so. Read on to find out why…

As a real estate photographer, there are times when you walk into someone’s home and immediately think, “This should be featured in a magazine!” You are captivated and inspired by the design and ambience of the space, no matter the size. You make some sort of connection and use everything in your power to create the most beautiful images. Last week, those were my exact thoughts and feelings.

712 Ritchie Avenue, Silver Spring, MD is currently on the market. It is located in a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood just minutes away from Downtown Silver Spring and within walking distance from the two metro stops (Silver Spring and Takoma) on the red line. I had the opportunity to photograph the rooms and decor in this unique home that had been remodeled from its former design. Current homeowner Terri and her husband have spent countless months and years transforming a nearly 100 years old house into a rustic, cozy adobe. Inspired by their many travels to Italy and France, the homeowners decorated as such: custom-made ceramics, stone lined fireplace, natural stone tiles and vintage accessories. The kitchen features hanging pots, a Chambers gas range oven (which you can’t get today) and hand painted ceramic tiles which is one of a kind. The downstairs walls are painted using what appears to be a “rag cloth” technique – distressing the wall paint to look like a faded fresco. All colors are warm and inviting.

Upstairs, we see a shift in design that is equally unique. The American country style prevails, with light pastel colored patched quilts, antique prints and upholstered/wood pieces. Here, you can also find some heirloom textiles. This style is not about perfection. It is about simplicity and is the kind of atmosphere that invites you to stay, relax and linger.

There is more outside, as the homeowners have extended the amalgamation of styles into their charming backyard. Here, you can find stone lined paths to a beautiful flower garden, sculptures from Pompeii and my personal favorite: a covered patio with a chic chandelier (red candles on top), mosaic round table and chairs, surrounded by hanging vines and the occasional speckle of sunlight. There is even an outdoor fireplace, deck with wooden patio furniture and lots of space, perfect for your next garden party!

One final feature I would like to note is the garage that has been transformed into a home theatre! Imagine inviting your friends over on a Friday evening to view one of your favorite films on the big screen… how unique.

As a lover of all things Italian, I certainly enjoyed and could relate to the quirkiness of this one-of-a-kind home in Silver Spring, MD. It will take the right person to appreciate and love this house the way Terri and her husband have for so many years.

There will be an open house TODAY, Sunday, August 26, 2012 from 1-4PM. If you or someone you know might be interested in touring, please stop by at this time. You can also contact the realtor, Keith Gilbert, at or 202.329.1266.

Thank you, Terri, for letting me take pictures of your beautiful, provincial home and gardens. I wish you all the best for the sale of this property… may the right person purchase and enjoy it for all that it is worth!


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