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Meet Tommaso (at 4.5 months)

Remember my Pack a Photographer? entry from last week? Well, here is the first of two features where friends of mine “packed me” to bring along on a day trip this summer.

8 Luglio 2012 – July 8, 2012 (Rome, Lazio, Italy)

I first met Tommaso when I visited my Italian best friend (his mamma) Corinna in Rome, Italy last month. Tommaso, aka. Tommy (boy) is the adorable son of Corinna and Alessandro. He was a baby who warmed my heart the minute I found out that Corinna was pregnant. Maybe it’s because Corinna and I are very close and have gone through some crazy life adventures together, but from the very beginning, I knew I was going to have a special connection with this baby. And that connection, my friends, is essential to photographing a young soul such as Tommy…

Tommaso just turned 6 months old, but these pictures were taken when he was 4.5 months of age. The picture above is my all-time favorite and shows his true character: strong-willed, passionate and determined, which is why it gets a frame of its own.

I really enjoyed hanging out with Tommaso at home and observing how excited he gets while playing with his jiggly toys! We of course, spoke in Italian, and bonded instantly. Tommaso is a very expressive baby who enjoys making various faces at the camera! As a result, many laughs were shared by all.

During my visit, Rome was experiencing a massive heat wave in the low to mid 90s. To escape the heat, we (Corinna, Alessandro, Giulia and I) took a field trip about 40 minutes south of Rome to the town of Velletri (Lazio), to the Azienda Agricola Iacchelli. This fattoria, or petting zoo is tucked away in the mountains above a great volcanic crater lake. This was a popular place for families which featured a petting zoo, farm animals, entertainment for kids, an on-site restaurant/banquet hall and flowers/plants of all shapes and sizes. There was also a 10 degrees F difference from the suburbs of Rome to this hilltop village… and the humidity simply vaporized!

I felt like a kid again and enjoyed taking pictures with the Nikon and my Sony point and shoot (as pictured above). Tommaso enjoyed his first “up close and personal” encounter with the horses as well!

After walking around the petting zoo and getting gelato (a MUST in the summer heat… and well, when in Rome…) we sat down on the grass and enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon people-watching and relaxing. This was another opportune time to capture Tommaso and his family members… in the essence of the moment. The picture on the right is precious as it shows la mamma and la zia interacting with Tommaso.

At the end of our visit (pictured above), Tommaso was getting a bit cranky and needed a nap. He was a real trooper for surviving our mini road trip to and from the fattoria! And by the end of our trip, we were also famished and ready to relax. Dinner that night (not photographed) consisted of (real) Italian pizza, arancini and beer… the perfect end to a hot summer day in Lazio, Italy!

Thank you, Corinna, for letting me document the life of your “cucciolino” during my visit to Italy this summer. I can’t wait to see how much he grows… the next time I’m in town… or when you guys come visit me in the States! Vi aspetto sempre!


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