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Nutrition & Hydration Tips for Photographers “ON THE GO”

Say what?

That’s right. This is kind of a strange post. Enjoy this dreamy photo below (starring my Nikon!) as you contemplate that thought for a bit…

Don’t neglect these factors while you are out shooting. You may not be playing a sport or running a race, but I have found that nutrition and hydration also play an important role in the life and work of a photographer. Many times, we are on our feet for hours on end and forget about eating, let alone taking a sip of water. We may not need to place as many electrolytes due to sweating, but we do have to take care of our bodies “on the job”. In fact, I find that my mind works the best on the days that I am prepared, eat well and hydrate often.

These days, I pay extra attention to what I am eating and drinking simply because I have been running on a regular basis with the lovely =PR= training programs and training for races. I can’t afford to eat food with no nutritional value and longevity. That being said, some may call me a health food nut but in reality, I am just trying to take care of my body. And since I am in both fields for the long run, why not mingle what I’ve learned and use it to my full benefit?

I don’t claim to be an expert, but would like to share what has worked for me. I am eager to hear your feedback regarding this topic! 


Here are some helpful tips to stay nourished and hydrated before, during and after a long day of shooting:

1.) Eat enough food to prepare your body for the long day of work. That could mean a well-balanced brunch for an afternoon to evening job or a light but filling breakfast for a morning job.

2.) Eat foods you are familiar with. This is NOT the time to try something new! You don’t want to get sick on the day of your photography event.

3.) If you are going to be out for more than 4 hours and know that you will have limited access to snacks and water, pack them with you! I like to carry a small BUILT lunch tote with two bottles of water, possibly electrolytes if it’s going to be hot and energy bars that are packed with nutrition and ideal if you might be skipping a meal (Kind and LUNA bars are my faves). This is something I can leave in the car or in the storage room/bridal suite and have easy access to during my breaks.

4.) Hydrate often. Bring one of your water bottles with you! If you are offered water by your clients, take advantage of it… but again, don’t overdo it. 

5.) If you have to travel from one location to the next during your gig, and it’s hot and humid outside… by all means go with some electrolytes. I like Powerade Zero and Vita Coco Coconut Water (not pictured above).

6.) My clients have been kind to include me (and other vendors) in the dinner buffet during every wedding and event I’ve professionally documented so far. Take advantage of that option and make sure you are eating protein, vegetables and healthy carbs! Food breaks are far and few in this industry.

7.) If you are offered something new to eat, use your best judgement regarding what and how to eat it. It is always good to try a small bite of that special delicacy and move on…

8.) To drink or not to drink? Again, use your best judgement. I can usually handle one alcoholic beverage at a wedding and STILL be able to do my job properly!

9.) If caffeine is helpful, go for it! Lately, my favorite “go-to” beverage for long work days has been illy-issimo iced coffee that comes in a sleek silver cylinder can. It’s always a good day when you have some illy!

10.) After the event, continue hydrating and make sure you are alert to drive back home (or maybe you are lucky enough to spend the night on location?). Get a good night’s sleep and be ready to conquer the day that follows.


Please repost and RT this article if you found it to be helpful! And to all the photographers out there… I would love to hear your nutrition + hydration tips for those of us “shutterbugs” ON THE GO!


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