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M & C :: Reston Town Center and Lake Audubon Portraits

This beautiful couple got married two years ago. They are originally from New Jersey and were in town over Labor Day weekend to visit friends and family. They also wanted to have their post-wedding portraits taken during this time. As we discussed locations, props and wardrobe changes, I knew this was going to be an enjoyable gig! This always happens when I sense a strong connection between my clients and I during the initial email consultation period!

We met early on that humid yet cloudy Sunday morning in Reston Town Center. I suggested this location due to its “vitality of an Italian piazza meets the diversity of a French boulevard”, simply put, the ideal downtown location in Northern VA. The architecture and layout of the Town Center is both modern and hip, yet still retains the charm of a small town in a sprawling metropolis. As a Reston resident (MD-transplant) for the last 3.5 years, I have gotten to know the Town Center and other Reston landmarks quite well. Keeping it local is the way to go, especially when your time is limited on a holiday weekend! We finished the shoot along the trails of Lake Audubon, one of my favorite running/walking/sightseeing trails in South Reston.

Unfortunately, the fountains by the “grand piazza” were not yet turned on when our photo shoot started. We walked around the Town Center and took pictures by other fountains, storefronts (M is a big J. Crew fan) and the spraypark. M and C brought all sorts of props to try out, and that definitely added to the piazzaz in the various photos that were taken.

M and C were a joy to work with and again, it is not hard to see why these two compliment each other so well. Their fun-loving personalities and energetic spirits carried over during the entire photo shoot. They were so eager to try out different poses and made the shoot very fun for the both of us. Plus, as an added bonus, I even got them to jump for me (see the final picture)… now THAT is what I call quality clients!

M & C: Thank you for letting me document part of your weekend getaway to the nation’s capital! I wish you all the best as you celebrate many more years of being married! 


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