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DC Photographer | Fall Mini Session { Jackson’s 3 Year Old Pictures }

Date: October 20, 2012

Location: Old Stone House Gardens, Georgetown, Washington DC

Family Photography | Portrait Photography | Children Photography

Jackson turned 3 years old in October. To help celebrate another milestone year in his young life, a mini session was in order! Due to a couple of other sessions running behind schedule, we got a later start than originally planned and Jackson was the least bit interested in “posing”. Both of us were persistent (Persistence [pəˈsɪstəns], persistency  n  1. the quality of persisting; tenacity   2. the act of persisting; continued effort or existence) and together, with the help of his parents, managed to capture some interesting moments in the life of this three year old.

I also discovered that Jackson and I have two similar hobbies: drawing (noted in the photos above) and running (below! #RunJacksonRun). I love connecting with even the youngest clients in this way…



All in all, the mini session was a success and everyone learned how to “go with the flow” and simply let the moments unfold… Jackson reminded me of my original photography vision and we’re both super happy with the results!

And so, I end with this adorable picture of Jackson and his parents in the background, enjoying a moment of peace while Jackson pursues his artistic interest. I love how Jackson is out of focus and looking at the camera while the people in the background are in focus. Ahhh, pure photographic magic!

Thanks to the Mosses for letting me document this special day! See you soon! 🙂



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