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Holiday Cards are here! | Northern Virginia Photographer

559766_738426600564_2143592031_nLaurentina Photography’s official holiday card for 2012 arrived early this week. I spent a good part of this afternoon turning an ordinary, flat circle card into a festive holiday ornament. Can’t wait to get these cards out to my clients, family and friends before Christmas… the clock is ticking, I know!

Inspiration for this card came from the idea of giving both a card and a gift. During the holidays, I seem to abide by the “Less is More” principle more than usual. As a small business owner, I often think about customer service (aka. what would I like to receive in the mail) and how to give everything a personal touch. As an artist, I put design at the forefront of my work. These flat circle cards (designed and printed from Mpix) are one of a kind, and come with a set of square envelopes as well. Add a little DIY effort with some holiday-colored ribbon and you have a beautiful keepsake for this holiday season and beyond!

Better yet, hang this nifty orna-card on a TREE:

432175_738432538664_1896667932_nFor the main image, I wanted something that could stimulate an interesting conversation, make a strong statement and lift up the senses during this hectic time of year. It also seemed more appropriate to put a fine art image that held personal meaning rather than a collage of professional work. After many hours of perusing, sketching and planning, I chose a photo that I took during my 18 hour layover in Iceland this past summer…

In June 2012, I toured Southern Iceland’s Golden Circle Route with a small van tour. This photo was taken at one of my favorite stops: Gullfoss Waterfall, also known as the “Golden Falls”. To reach it, you have to walk down a long, rugged and uneven path. By the time you reach the top of falls, there are more rocks to climb, simply to get a closer view. All outside noise is muted by the pounding cascades of this powerful waterfall. The force of nature enlivens your spirits and enthralls your senses.

You fight the elements to get the perfect photo. You leave feeling more energized than when you first came. When you reach the top, you feel like a super-charged particle… ready for anything, come what MAY!

Thank you again for all your support this past year. The journey has truly been amazing and I’m so honored to have shared it with you.

“May your days be merry and bright… and may all your Christmases be white.”


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