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Under Gods | Liz Hingley’s Portrait of Me


Paris. June 2012. 4:00PM on a busy Parisian avenue. I had my photo taken by a famous photographer!

My friend Emily and I just finished a whirlwind day of sightseeing in the city if lights and were now making our way to La petite poule noire galerie de photographie contemporaine. British photographer Liz Hingley’s exhibition entitled “Under Gods” was on view in this avant-garde Parisian gallery and we were going to see it. I had heard about this special photography session where you are photographed by Liz with your favorite religious object (Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Krishna, a voodoo doll, you name it!) and was curious to see how it works.

“Under Gods”  (Stories from Soho Road) is a documentary photo exhibition in which Liz explores the various beliefs of people in one city street (Birmingham, England) in the sense of material religious objects. Her photos paint the reality of people of faith, ranging from Sikhs to Buddhists, Catholics to Orthodox Jews… And explain how each religion is experienced and inhabited by people.

Liz was fascinated by my Taizé dove necklace that she immediately chose it to include in her portrait of me. I had just returned from 5-day Taizé Pilgrimage (my first) earlier that week and was thrilled to find a kindred spirit who also shared my passion for the mission and purpose of this organization. We chatted a bit about Taizé and the beautiful music that birthed from this medieval village. She later had all the participants write a couple of sentences about their object and what it symbolizes (my scrappy handwriting is also pictured below).

So without further adieu… Here is my small claim to fame! Rumor has it that these photos will eventually appear in an exhibition catalogue. Craziness. What do you think?



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