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New Year, New Wishes | Photography Workshops!


Happy New Year! With 2012 behind us, it’s time to add to our annual “wish list” (not “resolution”, because by the time March rolls around…) for 2013. If learning how to use your digital camera and photography is on your list, why not consider a photography workshop with Laura, owner/lead photographer of Laurentina Photography?

With the advent of the first DSLR and point and shoot digital cameras, “professional” photography has become available to the masses. These days, anybody can buy a decent digital camera and take “good” pictures. The special settings on our cameras and automatic sensors make the art of photography a piece of cake.

While many of us have nice cameras (and iPhones), how many of us really know how to use the manual settings on our cameras? How many of us know about ISO, aperture, the rule of thirds and shutter speed? And, as much as I love Instagram (and use it religiously), would you believe me if I told you that knowledge of Instagram does NOT make you a professional photographer?

As an art teacher, I have been teaching photography in my art classes for upper elementary and middle school students for the last two and a half years. In 2011, I started giving private photography lessons to students in 4th grade and up, which has been a blast for both of us. I give them a behind the scenes look at what makes photography… well, photography. 


In class, we look at the different manual settings and discuss how to use each setting in various lighting situations. We talk briefly about the history of photography and try out different compositions. All workshops are conducted on location: indoors and outdoors, with the Reston Lakes and historic Vienna, VA being my favorite local places to shoot. Food photography sessions have also taken place at various cafes and restaurants in Northern Va.

Sessions are informal and can last an hour or two, depending in the student and location. We can meet for a one-time lesson, or a continuous mini course. You might also choose to add on a photography editing session using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Each lesson will be adapted to meet your needs and interests.

So, what do you say? Start 2013 out with a bang and sign up for a photography workshop today! Adults and children are welcome! Email me if you have any questions:


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