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Imaging USA 2013 | Making it Happen…

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(one of my favorite vendors who will be at the conference EXPO)

When I got off the plane after 30-ish hours of international travel (from Singapore) two weeks ago, I did NOT think I was going to hop on a plane again for at least a few months. I had a hard enough time transiting back to Eastern Standard Time, why head out of town now?

Well, jet lag and late night googling proved me wrong! Great things can happen when your internal clock is messed up!

I have been wanting to attend a photography conference for a couple of years now, but it never worked with my schedule. I was looking at some other conferences later on in the year, but nothing really struck my fancy. Then, around 4:30am, I {graciously} landed upon the ImagingUSA website and the internal dialogue went something like this: January 20th – 22ndwait… Martin Luther King Day/Inauguration Day Weekend? It’s an even longer weekend for me since I don’t have to teach this coming Tuesday. Atlanta? or HOT-LANTA? Ohhhh… sweet! I’ve always wanted to go there. Wait, do I have enough points for a free plane ticket? (Better check) Score! Let’s do this? The timing is PERFECT. Oh, I am SO excited! 

ImagingUSA is a massive photography conference that is put on by pro photographers for pro photographers (or any photographer for that matter). This year, it takes place at the Georgia World Congress Center, right in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The conference is hosted by the Professional Photographers Association (which I am now a member) and sponsored by an overwhelming list of companies that would make any photographer or lover of photography drool: Adobe, Canon, Nikon, MPixPro, Zenfolio and Adorama, just to name a few. There are a myriad of class ranging from shooting techniques per different photography genres and how to better market your business. There are also portfolio reviews, a conference EXPO, an opening party and a closing party at the Georgia Aquarium (which I sadly won’t be able to attend).

The timing of this conference is PERFECT as I am fresh back from vacation after a busy pre-holiday season of photo shoots and am in the midst of revamping my online presence in order to gear up for the spring season. Since tweeting about my attendance at the conference, I have already connected with some fabulous fellow photographers and photography professionals… and really look forward to meeting everyone in person!

I still have lots to do in order to prep for this conference, but I’m super excited for this opportunity. It’s time to take my photography to the NEXT LEVEL and I’m certain ImagingUSA will provide me with the resources to launch my business and creativity in that very direction! In addition, I can’t wait to surround myself with other people who are truly passionate and energetic about the art of photography. It’s going to ROCK!

As of now, here are some of the events I’ll definitely be attending this weekend (though I tend to fly with whatever my heart desires at the given point in time):

ImagingUSA 3-mile Running Tour: Sunday, January 20th at 12:00PM

– Imaging EXPO (obviously!): all 3 days if possible!

– ImagingUSA Welcome Party

– Mentor Session with IPC

– As many sessions as I can fit into my schedule!

Are you going to ImagingUSA? Let’s connect. I’d LOVE to meet up. Shoot me an email ( or link up with me on any of the following social network sites!

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One comment on “Imaging USA 2013 | Making it Happen…

  1. baristakait29
    January 18, 2013

    seriously, why are you so cool?! miss you.

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