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Northern Virginia Baby Photographer | Nico’s 6 Months Photos

2013-03-06_004Meet Nicholas. He just turned 6 months old in February and stopped by to get his 6 Months portraits taken this past weekend. Nico came with the cutest wardrobe (see below) and lots of giggles for the camera. I still can’t get over his cute “Chicks Dig Me” shirt! But no matter what, it was clear that “Mamma knows best” as she  always had a way to keep the baby happy. All the photos were shot indoors this time, since it was a “balmy” 39 degrees outside and not quite spring! Little did we know that a few days later, all of Reston would be covered in snow (thanks to #SNOWQUESTER).



These two photos above are perhaps my favorite: naked baby butt in a Superman pose! Way too cute! Show this picture at his high school graduation!




Ruthanna (mom) and Nicholas, it was a pleasure meeting you both and helping to document this important milestone age in Nico’s life! Cherish the baby chubs and giggles during this precious time! Happy 6 Months!


3 comments on “Northern Virginia Baby Photographer | Nico’s 6 Months Photos

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  2. Ruthanna
    March 7, 2013

    I LOVE the pictures, he looks so great!!! Thank you for everything!

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