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Introducing… Ideas Blossom & Associates, LLC.


Meet Michelle Interiano (pictured above with her other half during their engagement photo shoot in Old Town Alexandria in November 2011). She, along with her husband Luis and their team of dedicated staff, are the creative force behind Ideas Blossom & Associates, LLC, a creative company providing graphic design services to the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. I had the esteemed privilege of photographing Michelle’s wedding last fall at the Westin in Alexandria, VA. What you may not know is that Michelle’s wedding decor was entirely designed by she and her wonderful team at Ideas Blossom. Everything from the programs to table top decor and wedding favors were personalized, artistically infused and designed with the company’s mission and motto in mind.

After the wedding, I also interviewed Michelle for this very belated blog post feature of her very talented company. If you are looking for event marketing and planning services, I highly recommend Michelle and her team for all your needs. May the photos of her creative work speak for itself…


1.) What is the story/vision behind Ideas Blossom?

Ideas Blossom’s vision is to help other small business succeed in their market. It’s more than just design; it’s establishing a relationship with our clients and making sure their company has a loud visual voice in the small business market.



2.) How would you describe your signature style?

Clean, modern and organized.


3.) Describe the theme and creative process for your DIY wedding.

The theme for our wedding revolved around the two love birds:

– We wanted to make sure everything flowed together and the guest could see a sort of branding for our wedding
– We wanted to have a craft and vintage look to our design

Once we settled for a set of love birds… the rest fell in its place with our favorite fall colors.


4.) What is your best productivity tip as a small business owner?

Always put your best foot forward no matter how the challenging the project.


5.) Do you have a quote or phrase that inspires you? What is it?

“Art & Copy”. One designers states: “The frightening and most difficult thing about being a creative person is that you absolutely have no idea where any of your thoughts come from really, and you especially don’t have any idea where they are going to come from tomorrow.”


That’s how Ideas Blossom! 

{ Tweet Tweet } :: Wedding decorations and favors designed by Michelle Interiano and Team of Ideas Blossom & Associates, LLC. Photography by Laura M. Kuah of Laurentina Photography. Feel free to share, tweet and pin these wonderful creations but give credit where credit is due!

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