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Dance Photographer | Algonkian Regional Park { Sterling, Virginia }

The lovely and ever-so-talented Michelle (who also happens to be my sister!) visited me in Virginia over her Spring Break. Michelle is currently a Senior at UMBC with a double major in Psychology and Dance. She is also a healthy lifestyle/food blogger and features her beautiful food creations (which are also delicious and full of ingredients that are good for you!) in her blog Esculent Dreams. Recently, Michelle participated in her first musical theatre performance: The Wiz! She has also choreographed many shows, including the upcoming Senior Dance Concert on UMBC’s campus this weekend.


Since the weather was less than ideal for (too many) outdoor portraits on our first day of shooting, we waited until the conditions cleared up before heading out to Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling, VA. Situated on the Potomac River, this park is the ideal location for anyone wishing to have a gorgeous, tree-lined backdrop and the presence of water. This is one of my favorite parks in Northern Virginia, and I love to come out to do some trail running or simply sit in front of the mighty river and let my thoughts ride free.

These photos were taken near sunset, but man was it windy! Michelle was a rockstar and worked with the conditions to help me create beautiful heirlooms for her future dance career! I am so proud of my little sis and wish her all the best as she awaits the next step in the unfolding of her life! Carpe diem!





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