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Alfie | Monticello Park Spring Mini Session

2013-04-14_001{ “A” is for ALFIE } …what a cutie-pie! Alfie came to the Monticello Park Spring Mini Session in Alexandria, VA wearing an adorable Sailor suit. He was excited about his blue pinwheel, a toy that was gifted to him by a classmate in school. We had a lot of fun propping Alfie on the tree stump, singing nursery rhymes (“Five Little Monkeys” was his favorite) and dancing along with him during the photo shoot. This was Alfie’s first trip to Monticello Park and he did very well for his first nature walk.

DSC_2941-2A candid embrace and kiss from mommy.


That afternoon, I learned that Alfie loved dinosaurs and making animal noises in the woods. We had a great time doing that as well as searching for dinosaurs behind every rock, bush and tree. Even after the unfortunate incident of Alfie tripping over a fallen twig, it was mommy and daddy’s soothing and melodic voices that brought smiles back to little Alfie’s tear-stained face. Within minutes, the familiar sounds of this little boy’s favorite songs calmed the pain and put a bandage of love on his boo-boo. At that moment, the sun came out and volià… all was well with the world! And this, my friends, is why I am a photographer… to capture EVERY moment as it unfolds and to be there for pleasant surprises!


Thank you for letting me take your “almost 2-year old” pictures, Alfie! Looking forward to the next time we can search for dinosaurs in the woods…


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