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Three Year Old Portraits for Rosemary | Algonkian Park Spring Mini Session


Three year old Rosemary and her parents came to see me for Rosemary’s three year old portraits at Algonkian Park during our Spring Mini Sessions series last month. Rosemary was shy at first, but quickly came out of her shell when she was presented with a very special prop: a magic wand to pose with from my favorite frozen custard shop: The Dairy Godmother. That magic wand had the ability to make her parents disappear and reappear, turn people into various animals and even cause her to jump off the ground with her daddy! Can you say bibbity-bobbity-BOO?

DSC_3529 DSC_3632Taking photos of this gorgeous family reminded me of how much fun it was to be a little girl. The setting at Algonkian, mixed with our imaginative play and endless laughter made the photography experience VERY magical for both of us. Growing up, I was a complete tomboy (still am at times!) but I did do have my girly moments: such as the time my cousin and I went shopping with my mom for birthstone jewelry so that we could pretend to be princesses and later on, dreaming of living in the movie “Ever After”. There is so much pure joy and innocence as little girls discover what they like in life and who they want to become.

DSC_3797In the words of my good friend and former graduate school classmate (Emily), after seeing these pictures on Facebook: “I looked at her (Rosemary) and fell in love.” I will end with the photo above (the perfect MOTHER’S DAY photo) and hope that you too, have fallen in love with these photos. Special thanks to Rosemary and her family for coming out for the mini session! I hope to work with you again soon.



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