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Hotel Monaco Alexandria Photographer | Avery Flynn {Creative Author Portraits}

Avery Flynn, Hotel Monaco, hotel lobby, living room, portrait photography, Old Town AlexandriaWhen author Avery emailed me with a request to do author portraits with a “fun, creative vibe”, I was ecstatic. Most of the photography I’ve been doing lately surround children and families, so it was awesome to switch it up and really dive into a style I don’t do very often! Avery described the kind of photography she was going for as “a grown-up version of a Senior picture” and immediately, I knew it was going to be a memorable shoot. In case you were wondering (and didn’t already know), I am not afraid to take risks and thrive on new adventure and possibilites. JUST JUMP!

Avery Flynn, Book, Hotel Monaco, hotel lobby, portrait photography, Old Town Alexandria

Avery and I met at the swanky Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria on an overcast yet humid Monday morning. She is gorgeous and her outfits (+jewelry) simply accented her beauty. The air-conditioning and cool cerulean blue of the hotel’s lobby provided a welcoming respite from the start of summer happening outside. The interior design of Hotel Monaco was immaculate; featuring bold accent furniture, vibrant colors and provided the ideal backdrop for our portrait session. Take a look to see what I mean… Hotel Monaco, outdoors, Old Town Alexandria, fish tank, interior design

Yeah, I am totally in love with the cylinder fish tank and feel like I’ve stepped into another world. The wanderlust in me was also ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at the eclectic decor of the place: from the geometric Middle Eastern tile inspired fabrics to the fuzzy ottoman, and let’s not forget the lampshades with maps printed on them. Well, enough about the hotel and back to my awesome photo shoot with Avery…

Avery Flynn, triptych, portrait photography, Hotel Monaco, courtyard, Old Town Alexandria

Avery seemed to know exactly how I operate as a photographer: many moments were spontaneous and both of us simply let what happen… happen! I am always extra excited when I have this kind of connection with my clients. This is where the best photographic art is created: the kind that accurately portrays one’s personality and interests, and strives to keep it real. 

Avery Flynn, Hotel Monaco, Old Town Alexandria, hotel lobby, portrait photography

As you can see, we had a blast on that Monday morning in Alexandria! Not only did we shoot in the Hotel Monaco Lobby, but  we also went to the peaceful Carlyle House Historic Park for some fun outdoor shots. I am finishing this blog post with one of them: the classic photo that captures Avery’s love for shoes!

Avery: it was an incredible honor to work with you and I wish you all the best in your writing career and the release of your 4th book this July! Special thanks also to the stellar staff at Hotel Monaco for letting us use the common areas for our photo shoot! You were all so accommodating and friendly!

Avery Flynn, Hotel Monaco, Carlyle Historic House Park, Old Town Alexandria, Portrait Photography, High heels, shoes, gazebo

“Selfie” of Author Avery Flynn & Laura Kuah of Laurentina Photography:




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