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Photography Camp { Day 1 } :: Stop Motion + Landscape Photography at Great Falls Park, VA

moldiv, photography camp, great falls park, toad, nikon, canon, canyons, nature, landscape

Day 1 of Photography Camp with Laurentina Photo kicked off this morning! Mary, Grace and I started off the session with a quick introduction to photography. We talked about aperture, shutter speed, ISO and the rule of thirds. We also watched this awesome video which gave a wonderfully creative and QUICK recap of the medium we are learning this week. The key ingredients to a successful week of taking pictures (or trying anything new) are to simply practice, experiment and have fun!

Our photo safari location of the day was Great Falls Park, Virginia. This place is special to me because it is where I first came over a decade ago to take pictures for my Film Photography Class. I used to go to the Maryland side all the time, but prefer the Virginia side for stop motion + landscape photography. There are three overlooks, and my favorite was definitely the third one where we had to do a bit of hiking and climb over rocks to get the ultimate panoramic view from the top of the cliff!

We also spotted some white water rafters and someone battling the rapids on his SUP board (pictured below). Some of the wildlife we spotted today include a black, white and yellow butterfly, a grumpy toad and a hungry squirrel. At one point, my camera was accidentally set on multiple exposure, so do enjoy the snap shots of our young photogs in action!

The week is just getting started and there is so much more to explore! Check back every evening to see the LATEST.

multiple exposure, nikon d800, 85mm, lensbaby, great falls park, va, photography camp

rocks,  trees, waterfalls, cascades, potomac river, panoramic, landscape, stop motion, nature photography DSC_6456

SUP board, surfer, water sports, great falls park

mary, squrriel, great falls park, va, photography, nikon d5200 DSC_6484


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